Adorable Wooden Garden Planters Ideas to Start Right away

We have found some adorable wooden garden planters ideas to assist you. Wooden garden planters look great for your garden or terrace. Also, they fit nicely with green atmosphere & make your garden more beautiful. That’s why you must start making wooden garden planters. They’re easy to make & cheap as well. You might make those out of old wooden chairs, old drawers or pallets. This would be awesome if you make a wooden garden planters out of wood plants and logs with some flowers in them.

Best wooden garden planters ideas

1. Paver Planter Box

Paver Planter Box-Best wooden garden planters ideas

When you plan about rearranging your backyard, adding a beautiful flower planter would be ideal. The plan involves making a DIY wooden planter using pavers and boards.

You can use the wood frame for holding the pavers. All parts of this box are built individually & then assembled. Its structure contains legs which raise the base.

2. Wooden Planter Box Idea for the Vegetable Gardening

wooden garden planters ideas

It is a waist-high wooden planter box which measures 72”X21¾”X11¾”. It can offer you much independence on the vegetables. You would make this planter with the cedar wood.

Following are the steps to make this wooden planter box for your vegetables.

  • First of all, you need to make the assessment for requirements. Take a cedar board & other material that include all-weather star drive self-tapping screw box, wood glue, power drill, etc.
  • Design this planter by joining all boards together.
  • Now, attach frame legs with screws and glue.
  • Make one drainage hole at its bottom.

3. Planter Box to Fit Deck

wooden garden planters ideas

To give a good look to the deck, you’ll build a large wooden planter box that’s 8’ long.

Following are the steps to make this planter box.

  • Make a frame for the base so hammer all pieces together.
  • Put the bottom part of lumber in this frame.
  • Add 4 lumber pieces at all corners of the frame.
  • Now, take a pencil and measuring tape to mark those posts where you’ll add more slats.
  • Next, nail the slats.
  • Put plastic trash bag at its bottom.
  • Make a hole at the bottom for the drainage purpose & fill this with dirt.

4. Wooden Planter to Grow Salad

To make one 3’ long wooden planter for the salad leaves, you’ll just need 3 of eight foot 1X4 surfaced redwood pieces. You need one circular saw, measuring tape, and one electric drill. For putting the pieces of redwood together you might require some bolts. While finished, it would become the best wooden planter box.

5. Raised Wooden Planter Box for the Backyard

Designing a raised wooden planter for your backyard requires handling the woodworking tools. There’re 6 legs in the planter box & the length is determined in accordance with your needs. The boards must match with the planter size in length. The main expenditure would be on wood. It’s one of the perfect raised wooden garden planter ideas for your home. This is a cheap raised wooden planter box to build.

Updated: February 18, 2019 — 3:21 pm

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