A Solar Fountain Can Transform Your Garden

A fountain can create a beautiful effect in the garden, both by sight and sound a feeling of tranquility can be achieved. The main downside is not the installation but the continued use of electricity to keep them running, which can become quite expensive. Thankfully with the advent of solar-powered energy this no longer has to be a problem. These days, once you have found and paid for the right solar fountain for your garden, there are no more running costs to worry about.


So how does a solar fountain work? Like the majority of solar-powered devices, this fountain has solar panels that absorb the sun’s rays throughout daylight hours and transforms them into energy used to power the fountain. This efficient system means that garden fountains need no longer be the staple showpiece of the wealthy and serious enthusiast only. Now, pretty much anyone can afford to add this feature. Particularly as solar power is not the baby of the energy industry that it once was, and the prices of solar-powered products have fallen as the technology has become gradually more commonplace and accessible.


Of course, no system is perfect. The predictable drawback is nighttime usage, as the fountain will usually only generate enough energy to keep running during daylight hours. This can be remedied with a hybrid system that also uses electricity or batteries when needed but, as many would argue, this surely defeats the object of a self-powered device. This is often a popular issue with solar technology as it is hard for it to create the levels of energy needed to compete with traditional sources.

Here are a few counter-arguments to consider:

  1. How often would you really notice the fountain during nighttime?
  2. On these occasions, say for a barbecue in summer or a party, the additional electric will be usually charged at a lower rate depending on location.
  3. There is always the option of a solar generator, now sold at fairly competitive prices, which you could use to store energy during the day to run the fountain during the night.

Personally, I like the sound of a fountain trickling away in the background at nighttime but would also like to have something that required zero maintenance or running costs. A compromise would probably be to start with the fountain and add a generator later if you felt you still wanted it. The additional peace and tranquility a solar fountain can add to your day will always be worth the asking price and more.

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