Top 10 Pallet Garden Ideas to Upcycle Your Wooden Pallets

Pallet gardens are so eye-catching. If you want additional growing space in your garden then these pallet garden ideas would work great for you. With keeping this in mind, the following are 10 pallet garden ideas for herb, vegetables, & flowers which would inspire you:

List of Pallet Garden Ideas


  • Garden Pallet Cozy Couch


You might join a few pallets together in order to form a solid base, sides, & back for making a cozy couch. Once you are done, you might just add some comfortable and cozy pillows or a bed sheet in order to make your pallet couch enjoyable and soft for sitting.


  • Pallet Screen Planter


It is a beautiful garden pallet design. You’ll place a wood pallet on your garden entrance in a vertical position. In its gaps, place some planted bottles along with a few herbs, flowers, and plants. This also gives a wonderful appeal.


  • Floral Stripes


You could put a ladder & along its sides just add some wooden pallet slabs at some distance. You might put flowerpots or just plant some new flowers in order to fill the gaps. It’s a highly adored wooden pallet garden idea.


  • Coffee Table Garden pallet


You might just take a few pallet slabs and join them to make this a nice table. You can use this pallet table for serving food or tea to your guests.


  • Pallet Swing


All you need to do is take one pallet slab and tie this with the solid ropes. Next, attach the pallet slab to a tree or some firm support. The pallet swing is ready. Also, you may like a porch swing.


  • Vertical Pallet Garden


If you love to grow upwards then this is perfect for you. This looks quite neat & it saves room as well. You would definitely love the vertical pallet garden. And, you can grow so many items in just one vertical rectangle.


  • Herb Garden in Center with Pallet Table


I am in love with unique finds. This adds something extraordinary to your garden as no one has something like this. This pallet table is so good. It is not just a table that is made from pallets, but this one also has the herb garden which is growing in the center of the table.


  • Raised Garden Bed Shipping Pallet


This is a gorgeous design for the raised garden bed. So in case you want some raised garden bed, then this option is great for you. It’s very beautiful to look at too.


  • Garden Walkway Wood Pallet


Pallet boards are weathered and thin, little preparation can assist your walkway last for a few seasons. Instead of laying pallet wood on the soil directly; excavate the path some inches underneath & backfill along with gravel. It would keep the water away from the path.


  • Garden Cart Wood Pallet


A wood pallet accommodates ornamental cabbage, pumpkins, or whatever is in your beautiful garden. Vintage iron wheels complete the wood pallet cart. You can also make ornamental wheels from the pallet wood.

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