Best Breathtaking Indoor Plant Wall Garden

Vertical garden or a living wall is the collection of nice wall-hanging plants. Living wall garden is a very beautiful trend in the home design. Following are some beautiful indoor plant wall designs in order to create your vertical garden:

3 Best indoor plant wall ideas

Hanging Plants Wall


You will first of all measure the height of the wire mesh rebar. It might have to be cut in accordance with the ceiling height. In case so then you would need an angle grinder or hack saw to take off the suitable amount.

Now, wipe the wire mesh with a damp and clean cloth in order to get rid of the grime or dirt. Spray paint the wire mesh using any color. You can use bright & vivid blue as it looks great. Allow it to dry completely & continue spraying paint until you’ve complete coverage. You might select to put one top coat of the acrylic to secure the paint.

Next, measure the place where you will like the wire mesh to hang on using the pencil markings to know where you would put your anchors. You can also place 4 anchors in your wall to permit the weight for distributing evenly, particularly when you plan to hang heavier plants or items. Before you drill a hole into the wall then the bit must be of similar width as the anchor. Drill one hole & then hammer the anchor into this hole carefully. Repeat as required.

Now, twist the eye hooks into your anchors. Now for your fun part! You play with the arrangement of pretty plants, but you might hang anything that you like! Also, use “s” shape hooks for hanging pictures or decor items!


Pallet Living Wall

Remove slats from the pallet top. Cover the back side of this pallet using a thin wood piece, & nail into place. Cover its back with a plastic sheet & use a staple gun for securing it.

Again, cover the back of the pallet with landscaping fabric. Leave about 2.5” between every slat.  Mark with your pencil where every slat would go. Make the dirt pockets.  With landscaping fabric, make one pocket on each slat. It’s easiest if the slats are not still nailed down. Cut one strip of the landscaping fabric and double this up. Then, staple it to the back of the slat.

Next, place the slat down & staple the other side of landscaping fabric. Repeat this for all sections. Your pockets should be deep so that they would hold the dirt. Nail down the slats. Fill each pocket with the potting soil & start planting.


A Living Wall

This living wall might vary in shape and size & offer a refreshing green space inside your home. It functions as a living wall art providing all advantages of nature. They’ve become increasingly famous in the last few years. They’re becoming quite common in the residential homes & apartment buildings where space is quite limited.


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