Charming Hanging Plants ideas to Brighten Your Patio

You can easily create a hanging planter as it is very simple. You just need is one container that is capable of holding some plants, potting soil, & an area to hang your finished product. It is quite common to hang your planters under a porch or by your entryway. Also, you might be a bit creative with the display location. You need to put one row of the hanging planters with a fence line or putting hooks to the masonry wall or to one side of the house. Plus, you can hang your planters from the freestanding hooks for adding more height to the garden beds in your backyard. You could easily complete these DIY hanging plants ideas for your house & bring the torch of greenery.

Best Hanging plants ideas

1.Above Your Bathtub

You can turn a bathroom into the lush retreat via installing beautiful hanging plants up above the bathtub. They would not only give you a fresh looking space, but they will also offer you fresh air. Hence, just go ahead and breathe in the clean and purified air grabbing all-natural bath bomb & taking a load your feet off.

2.On A Covered Backyard

Your covered backyard might leave you with an amount of plaster and concrete. Is it a perfect antidote? By mixing your hanging plants with the potted plants then you could establish several levels of foliage. The luscious and layered greenery would draw your eyes away from manmade and harsh materials & assist in creating a sense of serenity.

3.In Your Dining Room

Your dining room must surely be an area of physical refreshment. However, I would argue this must be somewhat an area of visual refreshment as well. Dining table having food would offer you physical nourishment. On the other hand, walls that are painted with a soft and bright shade would likely give you visual respite. Do you know what would accomplish both kinds of refreshment along with the air-cleansing qualities & all-around nice looks? Yes, you guessed this: one hanging plant.

4.In a Room or Sitting Area

Hanging plants ideas are very good in bringing modern and streamlined spaces to your life. These add natural color and texture without detracting from the room’s chic aesthetic. For instance, in the sitting area, some potted tree would have overwhelmed this design, whilst the empty corner would have left the area feeling lifeless and cold. Rather, the plant dangling from the beautiful brass hanger also accomplishes its aim remarkably well.

5.Nestled in the Reading Nook

It is a nice plant hanging from the ceiling. It also has the power to draw the attention of beholders. It works to the benefit of the reading nook. It lends a sense of comfy to space. It is also paired with a few comfortable pillows, a wood-paneled ceiling, and natural light. This plant makes sure that space scores a ten out of ten on the comfort scale.

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