Garden Decor: An Introduction

Garden decor allows for someone to visually and decoratively accentuate their vision for the garden with select decorative items. Blending choice decorative pieces in with your garden’s plants and flowers can create a visually stimulating aura, especially when taken into consideration how the colors of all the pieces fit together to create an over all mood or feel to the scene.


Having a garden in and of itself is a fun practice, giving you a space to express yourself working with plants and the earth itself. Garden decor builds on this, adding nick knacks, status, fountains, decorative stakes, even mirrors and lights, as part of the garden. With skill and an eye for artistic design, combining the right garden decor into your garden can create a little piece of magic!

Before getting started, here are a few ideas and considerations to keep in mind.

1. Map out your intention and plans for the garden. What is your overall theme or goal for using these garden decor and decorative pieces as part of your gardening? What “mood” or “ideal” are you trying to create? It’s not necessary to have these answers all worked out before starting, but it’s good to keep them in mind when starting out as sizing up all the difference options and choices you have for garden decor pieces.

2. Keep the budget in kind. It’s tempting to spend some serious money towards making the garden a wonderful place. But keep the budget in mind. Garden statues and other items can quickly add up to a large price tag, especially in relation to any additional home landscaping that may be done to accommodate the garden. Furthermore, creative use of less items can make for a much nicer garden experience. This is not a case where “more is always better”. Simplicity and the strategic use of decor items go a lot further than a crowded garden.

3. Go with quality pieces over cheaper items. Without refuting the point above, it’s better to spend money on quality items that will last years of being outside in the rain, snow, and other weather conditions, than it is to get sucked into buying cheap decor nick knacks that look nice but will break down relatively quickly. This is especially true for garden furniture. Because of the harsh conditions an outdoor garden is treated to via the weather, it’s worth it to spend money on quality items from the start, and have pieces that will last for the lifetime of your garden.

Garden decor is a fun, expressive hobby. More so than that, it’s an art! Getting started takes time, patience, and the willingness to experiment with different ideas and pieces. Keeping the above tips in mind though, your garden decor efforts will be off to a great start!

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