Front Garden Decor Ideas- Enhance Your Front Entrance With These ideas!

A front garden can be said as a magical garden as this is the path which guests take before they approach you. You can use your front garden to your advantage and give it an amazing look with a great variety of ideas. In this article, we will be providing you with some front garden decor ideas.

Let us now view some front garden decor ideas:

1. Window boxes and floral border

This is one of the best and easiest ways to decorate your front garden. This is a great way to enlighten the entrance to your front garden.


2. Wheelbarrow with flowers

Nothing can be better than a wheelbarrow with lots of flowers on it. In order to retain the quality of the flowers as well as give a great entry, use a good quality potting mix.


3. Boxwood edged pathway

This method and idea can be quite expensive as it would need to make a whole pathway. However, after its construction, it will give an excellent look to your front garden and make the walking path to be mesmerizing. This pathway will also motivate guests to walk on the pathway instead of on the grass.


4. Create a potted border

You can create a potted border if you do not have much time to do the maintenance of your front garden. Also, You can put in bulbs, potted flowers as well as small shrubs. You can populate your front garden with this amazing décor idea and make use of the empty space.


5. Stone planters

This is a very modern as well as an easy idea for your front garden décor. Buy some succulents and yuccas to fill all the gaps in the stone. This kind of planting requires really less water and you can use it in all kinds of climates.


6. Clematis climbing wall

If your front garden includes a very ugly and dirty wall, you do not need to worry. This is because of the amazing front garden décor idea of clematis climbing wall. Use vibrant color flowers and place them on the ladder fixed on the wall.


7. Circular flower bed

Create a circular flower bed in your front garden where you have the biggest tree grown. With the use of this front décor idea, your flower bed will be tidy and it will be easier to mow around the tree.


8. Lighted driveway bed

Driveways are long and narrow and an excellent way to guide your guests inside the home. Make use of wired lights and this along with the plants on the driveway will create an amazing look.


9. Mediterranean fountain bed

A Mediterranean fountain will give a very balanced look to your front garden. It will add beauty and interest to your front garden. The flowers around it will add up to the beauty.


10. Stone gravel planted bed

This is a great idea if you love the serenity and spa-like entrances. Make use of perennials and shrubs for low maintenance costs. This look will add up to the beauty of the entire garden.

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