Decorative Garden Fencing Will Make Your Garden Stand Out

Flowers are one of my favorite things. They are beautiful and lovely and they make me smile. But most flower beds benefit from some sort of fencing. Decorative garden fencing comes in many varieties, and is usually fairly easy to install. For many types you just press it in, and your done. Choosing the right product can really help your bed to stand out more and reflect your personality. Here are several different types of garden fencing that will help your bed stand out.



Bamboo fencing has one of the biggest impacts in your garden. It can serve as a backdrop for your plants and really make them stand out. It is especially effective in backyard gardens where the plants are at the edge of your yard. Because bamboo is a natural material it really looks great in most gardens. But it is a real winner in asian inspired gardens, and looks great when accompanied by a Buddha garden statue and low voltage garden lights.

This type of fence is not as easy to install as some of the smaller garden panels, but if you are up to it, the results are well worth it.



Ornamental fencing is exactly what it sounds like. This type of garden fencing product is meant simply to show where your flower beds end and where your lawn begins. I particularly like white edging like this one, because it allows the greens of your foliage and colors of your flowers to really stand out. These small ornamental fences are some of the easiest to install as well. So if you are looking for instant easy impact this is a good way to go.



Like it’s more ornamental cousins, this type of fence edging is also easy to install, but gives a completely different look. Wood fence edging looks great in woodland and very natural settings. It is also a perfect fit for cottage gardens, because it blends in with your garden and gives a border while letting the plants look very natural.

Whatever type of decorative garden fencing you choose be sure that it fits both the style of your house and your personality and you are sure to love it.

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