Cottage Garden Decor Ideas- How To Give a Cottage-Like Look To Your Garden?

You do not necessarily need to have a cottage just to have a cottage-inspired garden decor. With a help of a few cottage garden decor ideas, you can style up your garden in any that you want to. Let us have a look at some of the cottage garden decor ideas:

List of 10 Cottage garden decor ideas

1. Roses climbing on your gate

Put up bunches of colorful and fresh roses on your gate in a spiral form so that the entrance of your garden displays a look similar to that of a cottage type.

2. Birdhouses with a ladder plant stand

Adorn your garden with lots of birdhouses and put in some birds in it if you want. Apart from this, keep a plant stand on your ladder and surround it with lots of plants on the ladder as well as on the floor.

3. Buy and put vintage accessories

It is not necessary that each and everything in your garden should be perfectly polished. In order to create such a look, buy and put some vintage accessories so that they give a vintage feel. Examples include galvanized steel watering can.

4. Bicycle basket with lots of flowers

This is one of the oldest and most basic impressions of a cottage garden. Fill your bicycle with lots of flowers in the front as well as on the back. Choose extremely colorful flowers and put the bicycle in your garden to give a cottage garden look.

5. Use old pots and pans for planting

The use of old and rusted pots and pans seems like a great idea to take all the pots and pans and use for planting. Line all the pans and pots and put in your garden to create a cottage garden décor.

6. Create a dining corner with vines

In order to set up your garden with a cottage like a décor, you can choose a corner where you can put up a dining area which is quite shady. Set up the corner with a few vines on the roof to create a shady look.

7. Plant petunias in your garden

The main characteristics of cottage gardens is to have petunia flowers. In order to give your garden a cottage décor look, plant some petunias in a tilted planter so that it gives an extremely beautiful look.

8. Vines climbing all over the wall

Create a cottage garden décor in your own home garden by planting vine plants which then climb over the wall. This will give a very cottage garden look to your garden.


9. A bench and a fountain corner

Keep a bench and put up a fountain in a corner of your garden to create a cottage garden like look. The fountain will continuously flow water while you can relax peacefully on the bench and enjoy the view.

10. Rainbow flowers and painted fence

Paint your fences with bright color and also plant colorful rainbow flowers to create a very cottage garden like look.



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